Frequently Asked Questions

● Is Smoking allowed in the Theatre?

Smoking is absolutely NOT allowed, by Provincial regulations, in the theatre or or on the grounds of the Algoma District School Board. This includes cars in the parking lot. DO NOT smoke on School property.

● What Should I Wear to the Theatre?

There is no formal dress code at our shows. Most of the people you will see in the audience will probably be dressed in a "business casual" style. Gentlemen should remove their hats. Try not to have hairstyles that will block the viewing abilities of the person sitting behind you.

● How do I Get the Best Seat?

The best way to ensure getting the right seat for you, please visit us in the Station Mall as soon as the tickets go on sale.

● How Early Must I Arrive?

We suggest that you arrive at least 30 minutes before the show. Those arriving after the show begins may not be seated until there is a suitable "break" in the performance, as determined by the Theatre Manager or the ushers.

● How Long is the Show?

Most shows run about 2-1/2 hours, including a 15 minute intermission. Each show, however, is different, depending on what it is.

● Are Children Allowed in the Treatre?

There is no age limit for audience members. We have varying types of shows available, please use your own judgment to determine if it is appropriate for your child.

● Does My Child Need a Ticket? Can He Sit on My Lap?

Fire regulations require that everyone in a live theatre audience, regardless of age, must have an assigned seat and a ticket. This is the case even if the child sits in your lap and not in his assigned seat.

● Are There Discounts for Children, Students or Seniors?

Discounts are set by the person or group putting on the show. Come shows offer student and senior discounts, others just student. Our seniors are 60+ and students are generally 18 and under, unless the presenter sets the ages otherwise.

● Is There a Discount for Same-Day Tickets?

The average show does not have 'rush' or 'same-day' tickets. If there are, it will be advertised. If there is no advertisement, assume that there is not.

● What About Group Rates? How Many Do I Need For a Group Discount?

Any discounts are set by the presenter of the show. To find out about group discounts (or any other discounts) please visit us in the Station Mall or call us at 705.945.7299

● Can I Take Pictures of the Show?

No. Cameras, video cameras and any other sound or image-recording devices are all strictly forbidden in the theatre.

● Can I Bring My Own Food and Drinks?

No. There is no food or drink allowed in the auditorium. Anyone disturbing other patrons with munching, crunching or the rattling of potato chip bags may be asked to leave.

● Do I Have to Buy Tickets in Advance, or Can I Buy Them When I Come to the Theatre?

There is no requirement that you purchase advance tickets. You may buy your tickets at the box office as you enter the theatre, but you will be gambling that there are still seats available. Some performances sell out in advance and you may find that your seating choices are very limited, if there are any remaining seats at all. If you are unable to pick up your tickets before the show, all online and phone orders are available to be picked up at the show itself.

● Is the Theatre Wheelchair-Accessible?

Yes, there is wheelchair and assisted seating available in the theatre. The theatre has been refigured to accommodate more wheelchair seating, thanks to The musical Comedy Guild and the Algoma District Board of Education.

● I Must Have as Aisle Seat. How Can I be Sure My Seat is on an Aisle?

If you have any specific seating needs, please visit the box office in the Station Mall. Send in your order early, though, as all seats, including aisle seats are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

● What if I Can't Make it to the Show? Can I Get a Refund or Exchange My Ticket for Another Date?

Sorry, but the answer is no. All ticket sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges. Make sure you get the date right, and check your tickets when you make your purchase.

● What if I Lost My Tickets?

Tickets, once issued, cannot be re-issued; they are like cash and cannot be reprinted. Please keep your tickets in a safe place. If you do lose your tickets, please call us as soon as you become aware of the loss: 705.945.7299. We cannot reprint your tickets, but we can issue a seating voucher for you to pick up at the box office.

● I'm Ordering Tickets Online, Can They Mail Then to a Friend of Relative's Address?

No, they cannot. The mailing address on your order must match the billing address registered for the credit card used. This is for your protection as well as ours. If you don't want your tickets mailed to you, you can request that they be held for you at the box office.

● Can Someone Else Pick My Tickets Up at the Box Office for Me?

Anyone collecting tickets at the box office which were pre-purchased online must show the credit card with which the tickets were purchased or the printable receipt received via email, to be signed. This rule is to prevent fraudulent use of an improperly obtained credit card number in any telephone or online transaction.

● Will You Reserve Seats for Me by Email? I Will Pay When I Collect the Tickets.

No, sorry, we cannot do this. Tickets are not "reserved" until purchased. They cannot be held for you against future payment.

● Are Your Prices in U.S. or Canadian Dollars?

All our quoted prices are in Canadian dollars.

● Are There Taxes on Tickets?

Tax is included in the quoted ticket price; it is not added on.

● I am a Visitor to Canada. Can I Get a Refund on the GST When I Leave the Country?

Unfortunately, no. Refunds are given only on taxes paid on goods purchased in Canada and exported, unused, from Canada. Your theatre ticket is considered "used" in Canada and the tax paid on it is not refundable.

● Can I Ask the Cast to Sing Happy Birthday to Aunt Betty?

No, not while there is an audience in the theatre. You may certainly ask the cast, crew and front-of-house staff to stay late and perform privately for you, but you will then be responsible for paying them, not to mention renting the theatre.

Anything we've left out? Contact us by phone at 705.945.7299 or email us