Community theatres companies you can find in Canada

Community theatres as the name suggest is all about a certain community and the folklore associated. The theatrical performances generally revolve around the ways of society and the norms which are generally followed. There is another important aspect of the community theatre is that it is entirely made with the help of the community. Though it is not the case in every theatre construction it is mostly the case. The size of the community theatre varies and therefore it is highly regarded for renting purposes. The artists from a certain community also collaborate to make sure that the best equipment is purchased for such theatres. The capital for such theatre is raised with the help of the community in the name of which it is being constructed. When it comes to Canada there are many communities which live in Canada. As a multicultural country, there are many such theatres which are constructed all over Canada. Such theatres are very popular in the country and are even visited by other communities. The idea of community theatre is thriving in West particularly just because it is a great place for interracial meetings. Further, the people get knowledge about the other communities or even countries.

Sault Community Theatre Center

It is a multipurpose theatre located in Ontario Canada and provides a huge space of almost 900 seats. There are additional 10 wheelchair sites which are used for the disabled. The best part of the theatre is that it allows the users to interact with the state of the art technology and the common working of the theatre. The theatre was constructed in 1988 with a full-time technical staff to look after the issues of the theatre. The theatre is highly recommended to the visitors that want to have a peaceful night out. From seating arrangement to the lightning and from the sound system to the effects this place is a full package for the enthusiasts.

Ahuri Theatre

International artists have collaborated to make sure that the foundation stone of this theatre is laid. The theatre specializes in live performances which are highly rated by the visitors. The Multilanguage theatre knows no boundaries and presents plays in all languages. The creativity of the theatre is matchless and the team behind the concepts is highly organized for any type of events. The theatre was built in 2005 and since inception, it has made rapid progress in the field of arts and entertainment. It can be called as one of the entertainment hubs of Canada.

Theatre Passe Muraille

Theatre Passe Muraille is a company which is located in Toronto. Besides being a community theatre is one of the most influential alternative theatres of Canada. Founded by Jim Garrard in 1968 the theatre was originally considered as the voice of Canada in the theatre industry. There are many issues which the theatre initially faced but it was the determination of the team working behind was enough to overcome it. After Jim Martin Kinch worked as the director and worked hard to make it the best entertainment hub in Canada.

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Famous Theatre Associations you can find in Canada

Theatre Company is a highly successful business in Canada. It is all due to the fact that the new technology is added to the venues to provide the best possible plays to the Canadians. In the past, there have been several issues between the theatre companies and the government. Back in the 80s and 90s, the theatre associations were not as strong as they are now. It is due to these associations that the best possible entertainment is provided to the people. The theatre associations in Canada are responsible to fight for the rights of the venues. The governmental approach is also watched by these bodies. Every Canadian province has its own association and therefore the regional issues are resolved with ease. The theaters also support the new artists by providing them opportunities. The induction of new technology is also done to ensure that the people get the best views. The theatre associations also approve of all such changes which are made. There are several theatre associations which are working in Canada. They are also responsible for research and development of new techniques. Different regional theatres are also given easy loans to ensure that they thrive. There are the most important Canadian Theatre related associations:

Professional Association of Canadian Theatres

Also known as PACT this is the largest organization that has been working to ensure that the rights of the theatres are persevered and protected. Membership is compulsory and major theatre chains of Canada are already its members. It is regarded as the most powerful organization related to Canadian theatres. The theatre accessibility and pure entertainment is something which this organization wants. PACT also ensures that all the rules and regulations set are followed by the members. The diversification of the companies is also one of the points for which PACT is known. The management believes that the Canadian society is very broad and so should be the members of this organization.

Canadian Association for Theatre Research

Abbreviated as CATR the association has been working to make sure that the Canadian Theatre is promoted as much as possible. As the name suggests the theatre research is done to explore new avenues for the performing artists. The students of theatre management are encouraged to take part in the affairs so that a healthy theatre environment is created for the backend teams. CATR also ensures that annual workshops and conferences and held. This will ensure that the members come together to discuss future plans.

Canadian Arts Presenting Association

Embedding the new technologies in the field of theatre art is the first and foremost aspect which has been taken care of by this association. Canadian Arts Presenting Association also ensures that new opportunities are created to reduce the unemployment rate nationally. The Department of Canadian Heritage is also associated with this organization. PCBP is a program which is offered by this organization. It is funded by the government to promote Canadian culture. The theaters are required to get a membership before becoming a permanent part of the association. Using art as a tool to improve quality of life is another initiative taken by this organization.

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Modern Digital Technologies in Theatres

The overall impact of technology on Canadian theatre industry is great. This ensures that the visualization, as well as the communication reach, is increased. The projection has also been made a part of some theaters of Canada. This ensures that the best outcome is generated and the overall outcome of the play is maximized. Live performances are also made a part of this digitalization and therefore it means that the performers directly interact with the tech products. The level of interactivity with the audience has also been increased. Following are very important points which digitalization of Canadian theatres have brought into the environment:

  • The digitization ensures that one performer remains at the same area where the main stage is erected
  • The performance should also have a digital technology piece with the artist. It should be such that it enhances the overall effect of the performance.
  • The artists interact with the digital device in such a manner that the overall effect of the performance reaching the audience increases.
  • The main part is content. It means that the shaping of the content is done in such a manner that it deviates from the common performance such as dance and music alone.

The digital theatres are the ones which make sure that the performance is taken to the next level. It will allow the artist to get to the use of the products. In Canada, the digitalization does not only confine to the artist. The overall effect is controlled by the artist. It means that all the artists should be well versed in the use of technology. The educated artists and backend department executives should be hired. The different mediums are being developed by the organizations to enhance the effect of virtualization.

Social media has now started affecting the theaters since their inception in the mid-2000s. The overall concept is to provide live streaming performances to the audience. It makes sure that the audience does not have to visit the theaters for a watch. The streams are monetized to earn revenue which in some cases is very high as compared to the original revenue earned. They can also be termed as cyberformance which means that the backend teams also work in line with the ones present at the venue. The complete network is maintained jointly where the internet plays a major role. The costumes can also be changed in such a manner which has never been possible during live shows.

The not only theater is revolutionizing with the help of the digital means, this modern trend also has a huge impact on gambling. Today it is quite easy to have some entertainment just checking out popular sources, rather then searching a gambling establishment. The new technologies will allow the users to overlook the minor issues which are presented by live performances. The overall look of the digital world is not at all something a decade ago. The performance format is changing and therefore it means that the interactivity has been increasing. Digital media is playing a significant role in making the overall look of theatre change. Short films are being produced to attract the viewers. These films are having an impact as viewers have ample time to take a view.

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Top Canadian Theatres: places worth visiting

Both regional and cultural identities of Canada have influenced the theatre of the region. There have always been efforts to make sure that the playwright part of the theatres is solidified. It is done by documenting the requirements of the theatres in Canada. The experiment of requirement documentation gave a confidence to the theatres and the effects can clearly be seen in the mid-80s to late 90s. It was the time when the technology was transforming and the Canadian theatre chains were establishing new facilities nationwide. The programs and family entertainment were the best part offered. The western culture did not dominate at that time. The rise of Hollywood has a significant impact on the theatres of Canada. The Canadian film industry is small as compared to its neighbor but still, produces state of the art flicks. In the 80s and 90s, there were several companies that were experimented with the latest technology. The customers, on the other hand, supported the theatres in full. The American movies then overtook the traditional Canadian theatre in the early 2000s. However, the traditional Canadian Theatre is still persevered by the indigenous population. Some of the best artworks are still presented to the Canadians. We present some awesome theatres in Canada you may visit:

4th Line Theatre

Located in Ontario this theater still ensures that Canadian plays are presented to the general public. The viewers have rated this theatre high due to the quality of content it produces. The best part of this theater is that it has developed into a family entertainment hub by using the latest technologies. The biggest strength of this theater is the fact that it has embedded the latest technologies with the outdoor presentations. The downside is that only summer months are the ones when this theatre comes to life. A maximum of 2 plays is performed daily for about a month each year. The latest production of the theatre was The Bad Luck Bank Robbers in 2016. The theater was established in 1992.

Cirque du Soleil

It can be regarded as one of the biggest theatres in Canada. The total number of employees is 5000+ and the theatre ensures that pure Canadian culture is promoted. It is done with the help of the best screenwriters which this chain has signed. It was established on July 7, 1984. The headquarters is located in Quebec. The revenues of Cirque du Soreli soared in the early 2000s when it started conducting shows in 271 cities spanning continents. The current annual revenue of this theatre chain is 800+ million CAD. Three new plays have been added in 2017 and as per management, there is more to come.

Native Earth Performing Arts

This theatre company was established in 1982. The headquarters are located in Toronto and it rose to fame due to its unique subjects. The company also ensures that the new artists are supported. For this purpose, the internship programs are also offered. The company has been working to make sure that the old form of Canadian theater is revived. Recently a 120 seat performance arena has been added to the current space owned by the company.

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