Community theatres as the name suggest is all about a certain community and the folklore associated. The theatrical performances generally revolve around the ways of society and the norms which are generally followed. There is another important aspect of the community theatre is that it is entirely made with the help of the community. Though it is not the case in every theatre construction it is mostly the case. The size of the community theatre varies and therefore it is highly regarded for renting purposes. The artists from a certain community also collaborate to make sure that the best equipment is purchased for such theatres. The capital for such theatre is raised with the help of the community in the name of which it is being constructed. When it comes to Canada there are many communities which live in Canada. As a multicultural country, there are many such theatres which are constructed all over Canada. Such theatres are very popular in the country and are even visited by other communities. The idea of community theatre is thriving in West particularly just because it is a great place for interracial meetings. Further, the people get knowledge about the other communities or even countries.

Sault Community Theatre Center

It is a multipurpose theatre located in Ontario Canada and provides a huge space of almost 900 seats. There are additional 10 wheelchair sites which are used for the disabled. The best part of the theatre is that it allows the users to interact with the state of the art technology and the common working of the theatre. The theatre was constructed in 1988 with a full-time technical staff to look after the issues of the theatre. The theatre is highly recommended to the visitors that want to have a peaceful night out. From seating arrangement to the lightning and from the sound system to the effects this place is a full package for the enthusiasts.

Ahuri Theatre

International artists have collaborated to make sure that the foundation stone of this theatre is laid. The theatre specializes in live performances which are highly rated by the visitors. The Multilanguage theatre knows no boundaries and presents plays in all languages. The creativity of the theatre is matchless and the team behind the concepts is highly organized for any type of events. The theatre was built in 2005 and since inception, it has made rapid progress in the field of arts and entertainment. It can be called as one of the entertainment hubs of Canada.

Theatre Passe Muraille

Theatre Passe Muraille is a company which is located in Toronto. Besides being a community theatre is one of the most influential alternative theatres of Canada. Founded by Jim Garrard in 1968 the theatre was originally considered as the voice of Canada in the theatre industry. There are many issues which the theatre initially faced but it was the determination of the team working behind was enough to overcome it. After Jim Martin Kinch worked as the director and worked hard to make it the best entertainment hub in Canada.