Theatre Associations

Theatre Company is a highly successful business in Canada. It is all due to the fact that the new technology is added to the venues to provide the best possible plays to the Canadians. In the past, there have been several issues between the theatre companies and the government. Back in the 80s and 90s, the theatre associations were not as strong as they are now. It is due to these associations that the best possible entertainment is provided to the people. The theatre associations in Canada are responsible to fight for the rights of the venues. The governmental approach is also watched by these bodies. Every Canadian province has its own association and therefore the regional issues are resolved with ease. The theaters also support the new artists by providing them opportunities. The induction of new technology is also done to ensure that the people get the best views. The theatre associations also approve of all such changes which are made. There are several theatre associations which are working in Canada. They are also responsible for research and development of new techniques. Different regional theatres are also given easy loans to ensure that they thrive. There are the most important Canadian Theatre related associations:

Professional Association of Canadian Theatres

Also known as PACT this is the largest organization that has been working to ensure that the rights of the theatres are persevered and protected. Membership is compulsory and major theatre chains of Canada are already its members. It is regarded as the most powerful organization related to Canadian theatres. The theatre accessibility and pure entertainment is something which this organization wants. PACT also ensures that all the rules and regulations set are followed by the members. The diversification of the companies is also one of the points for which PACT is known. The management believes that the Canadian society is very broad and so should be the members of this organization.

Canadian Association for Theatre Research

Abbreviated as CATR the association has been working to make sure that the Canadian Theatre is promoted as much as possible. As the name suggests the theatre research is done to explore new avenues for the performing artists. The students of theatre management are encouraged to take part in the affairs so that a healthy theatre environment is created for the backend teams. CATR also ensures that annual workshops and conferences and held. This will ensure that the members come together to discuss future plans.

Canadian Association for Theatre Research

Canadian Arts Presenting Association

Embedding the new technologies in the field of theatre art is the first and foremost aspect which has been taken care of by this association. Canadian Arts Presenting Association also ensures that new opportunities are created to reduce the unemployment rate nationally. The Department of Canadian Heritage is also associated with this organization. PCBP is a program which is offered by this organization. It is funded by the government to promote Canadian culture. The theaters are required to get a membership before becoming a permanent part of the association. Using art as a tool to improve quality of life is another initiative taken by this organization.