Theatres in Canada

Both regional and cultural identities of Canada have influenced the theatre of the region. There have always been efforts to make sure that the playwright part of the theatres is solidified. It is done by documenting the requirements of the theatres in Canada. The experiment of requirement documentation gave a confidence to the theatres and the effects can clearly be seen in the mid-80s to late 90s. It was the time when the technology was transforming and the Canadian theatre chains were establishing new facilities nationwide. The programs and family entertainment were the best part offered. The western culture did not dominate at that time. The rise of Hollywood has a significant impact on the theatres of Canada. The Canadian film industry is small as compared to its neighbor but still, produces state of the art flicks. In the 80s and 90s, there were several companies that were experimented with the latest technology. The customers, on the other hand, supported the theatres in full. The American movies then overtook the traditional Canadian theatre in the early 2000s. However, the traditional Canadian Theatre is still persevered by the indigenous population. Some of the best artworks are still presented to the Canadians. We present some awesome theatres in Canada you may visit:

4th Line Theatre

4th Line TheatreLocated in Ontario this theater still ensures that Canadian plays are presented to the general public. The viewers have rated this theatre high due to the quality of content it produces. The best part of this theater is that it has developed into a family entertainment hub by using the latest technologies. The biggest strength of this theater is the fact that it has embedded the latest technologies with the outdoor presentations. The downside is that only summer months are the ones when this theatre comes to life. A maximum of 2 plays is performed daily for about a month each year. The latest production of the theatre was The Bad Luck Bank Robbers in 2016. The theater was established in 1992.

Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du SoleilIt can be regarded as one of the biggest theatres in Canada. The total number of employees is 5000+ and the theatre ensures that pure Canadian culture is promoted. It is done with the help of the best screenwriters which this chain has signed. It was established on July 7, 1984. The headquarters is located in Quebec. The revenues of Cirque du Soreli soared in the early 2000s when it started conducting shows in 271 cities spanning continents. The current annual revenue of this theatre chain is 800+ million CAD. Three new plays have been added in 2017 and as per management, there is more to come.

Native Earth Performing Arts

Native Earth Performing ArtsThis theatre company was established in 1982. The headquarters are located in Toronto and it rose to fame due to its unique subjects. The company also ensures that the new artists are supported. For this purpose, the internship programs are also offered. The company has been working to make sure that the old form of Canadian theater is revived. Recently a 120 seat performance arena has been added to the current space owned by the company.